Eric Wattanasupachoke
Go to YouTube and open up the following video clip and see an (Awesome Iceberg Breaking)

1. Why is it dangerous to be near a glacier that is calving (breaking apart and falling down)?
Because it can callapse and huge chunks of ice fall down the river creating huge waves. The chunks of ice can knock down buildings if it hits them because they can weigh tons.
2. Is it safe for cruise ships to get close to calving glaciers?

No because the chunks of ice can hit and possibly puncture the ship.
Open up and view the following video clip to find out what can happen when a ship hits an Iceberg (Iceberg Collision – the real thing!)

3. What happened?
A ship collided into an iceberg.
Open up and view the following video clip to find out what can happen to a boat if it is hit by the wave created by a very large calving glacier:

4. What happened to the boat with the man and his son on board?
A giant wave came to them and knocked them off the boat and pushed them all the way back to land near the trees.
5. What happened to a couple of other boats that were not so lucky?
They weren’t seen or haven’t been heard from.
Open up the following video clips to find out what glaciers sound like (Iceberg movements create eerie songs)

6. Describe what you think icebergs sound like.
Sounds like animals or a whistling type noise.

Open up the following video clip to get a look at glaciers, past, present, and what life was like during the last ice age (Giant Glaciers – Wild New World – BBC Planet)

7. Describe how the Earth today is different from the Earth 13,000 years ago.
Areas where there is buildings there used to be animals that crossed there thousands of years ago.