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Student's from each Table will need to watch the Congo video and post their notes to this page.
Table Zero - example
Jack- I didn't know we get chocolate from the congo, and I was suprised at how the people are taken advantage of to get the chocolate.
Jill - I knew people were taken advantage of, but I didn't know how sick some of the people were...
Table 1
(nigel) This article explains how the lust of minerals in Congo create much confrontation between nations for very valuable and important minerals.

Congo's mineral wealth lures exploiters

The Democratic Republic of the Congo holds a treasure trove of valuable minerals that are at once the country's greatest blessing and most enduring curse.
Second only to South Africa in mineral wealth, Congo has attracted rapacious exploiters from 19th-century Belgian colonialists to foreign-backed rebel groups.
Minerals help fuel vicious fighting in eastern Congo that has killed more than five million people in the past decade — the bloodiest conflict since World War II.
In an effort to stem the fighting, nongovernmental organizations and Africa activists are campaigning for legislation against the sale of "conflict minerals," modeling their efforts on those against the illegal diamond trade that funded civil war in the West African country of Sierra Leone in the past decade.
At the Belgian Royal Institute of Natural Sciences in Brussels, about a thousand mineral varieties from Congo are represented, classified according to composition, color and radiance.

(Abiola) The gorrillas in the Congo are endagered. there is war in Congo and the gorillas are being killed. These gorillas are from the Humba family. There are about 600 left in this area.
Jackie- There are so many people in the Congo that are suffering. So many of them are dieing by the conditions that they are working in. Not only is it that the people are dieing there are also gorillas that are being killed. The more death there are in the Congo the lower the population will be. In the Congo they are findin minerals that are very valuable and very important to them, they can make many new products using those minerals.
Table 2
Jasmin- in congo many killings are taking place, as a resuult the attackes there lead to killing of animals and most of them are apes and monkeys. Much of the United Nations is there to hlp but there is not much they can do with all the other problems occurring in the world. not only are the apes being killed because of the rebels the attacks and fighting alos accur because of the avaliable minerals in Congo, colton is one of the main ones there. olton is a very good selling product in Congo. because we use it in everyday life we the people fight for the mineral to try to sell and make a profiit from other countries some is legal but then you hav the illegal stolen products.

Sarah: Theft, death, and ignorance are taking place in Congo. Militaries are taking advantage of this
Erik- The Democratic Republic of Congo is showing a hostile environment in which gorillas are being killed. Mining is the reason for many killings that occur within the country itself. Coltan is one of the main important minerals that was discussed. The work conditions are very difficult as shown by the video.The war basically happened because of Coltan. The people from congo fight for coltan then try to sell it, this puts food on the table so that's why they feel so strongly about it. They can make many incredible products with coltan.

Michelle - Congo has the most ecosystem in Africa. The minerals that we get from Congo to create the latest electronics, like iPhone, started a war in Congo. The military is taking hold of the trade of the minerals and that created the war. Miners mine at gunpoint. The rangers help protect the wild life that are being killed because of the military. Apes were being killed for food and their young orphans were sold as pets. The military also started attacking villages with rich mineral resources.

Table 3
Nikko- The events that are happening in the Congo are extremely dangerous and gorillas are being killed. The population is going down making them indangered. The UN is stationed there to avoid this danger but there is only so much they can do. Coltan is a mineral found in the Congo and is plentiful used for electrical purposes.The minerals found are so valuable and important to these people that they kill for it because selling the mineral means eating dinner that night. The mineral is used to make alot of the devices that we use in everyday life.

Harshang Sheth- Congo is suffering with having wars, the people died and gorilla population is endangered. Rangers attacks because of the coltan, the mineral grown in Congo. Coltan is the mineral which gives the lives to the people in Congo. The government is responsible to feed the people but they can't afford to much people. Colton is used to develope iPhones, playstations, computers and many other electronic devices.
Table 4
Ermin- The rangers in Congo are under protecting there land from possible armed attacks every morning. The apes population in Congo are decreasing and the rangers are trying to protect them. More than two thirds of the gorilla population has been wiped out since the war begin. The war that is going on in Congo is the reason why the Gorilla population there is decreasing. Vicous armed groups begin attacking innocent people as a result, it caused genocide. The hills of Congo has plenty of minirals and gold that many people even kids work there to dig up all the gold and minerals. The rebels steal all of their stuff and the the minerals thay dug up while trying to sell the minerals for food. This year more than a million people were dicplaced because of the war, a total of 5 million people died since the war began. Many kids in Congo saw what the minerals can do such as develop and I Phone that came from the minerals the kids dug up.

Monika- It's horrible what they are doing to the people in Congo. They are takng advatage of people who didn;t do anything to them only for money. Many lives are lost everyday and gorilla population is lowering. People have nothing to eat and the government can't keep up with the hunger.People had enough and they are tring to rebell but millitary is there to stop them. Many electronic devices come form colton.
Table 5
Beata: Congo is located in the Democratic Republic. The rangers there slaughter wildlife and terrorize people. Kahuzi-Beiga is one of the only holds of indangered gorillas. Congo is home to one the greatest ecosystems. 2/3 of the gorillasa have been whipped out since then war has begun. Gorillas don't even fear humans,but the rebels are killing them. Coltan is a mineral used in technology and is good becasue it stores vast electronic charges. Coltan is used in play stations, iPhones, remotes and various other things. Culton fueled the war and was the man profit for the people of Congo. Congo was ruined by the Europeans and a genocide followed. The rebels attacked the mineral rich territories. Hills of Congo have diamonds,tin and gold(gold is an uncorrossive conductor) The people od Congo live off of the mines and without them they live in poverty, and many are starving. The soldiers and goverenment are taking away their crops as well as minerals. The price of culton has crashed, and the only other place that Cultan is, is in Australia. If Coltan found the war, minerals would end the war adn if peopel recycled phones they could save great apes in Congo.

Pedro- The situation in Congo is dangerous. The rangers must protect from armed attacks from neighboring militias. The gorillas in congo are becoming les and less as the people there kill them even though they cause no imediate danger to the civillians. One mineral in the congo,named coltan is abundant in Congo.The coltan mineral is used for electronic devices because it can store electical charges. The government is controlling the people in Congo and takes whatever they have.Militias come to Congo and burn down the houses and attack the people there as well. More than 5 million people have died since the conglicts in Congo began.The UN has stations for refugees in places around the Congo.They provide shelter for the people there.

Jessica: Endangered gorillas are in congo which is in the democratic republic. In the gorillas population there are gun rebels that kill the gorillas for no apparent reason at all.
so far since the gorilla rebellion there has been almost two-thirds of the endangered gorilla species wiped out already. Gorilla's are being killed for food also. In congo there's also minerals. These minerals are the cause of the war. The minerals happen to be very valuable and people are fighting for the minerals, even killing people and burning their houses down also. The name of the mineral that people are fighting over is called colton also known as blood minerals/diamonds. The markets boomed because of colton. Congo is also known as a dangerous place to take a trip through. Mafia organizations are trying to get ahold of these valuable minerals. These minerals which are so valuable can make phones, and games work. gadgets are the cause of the war. Stealing and genocide also took place in congo. Kids had worked in conditons where they had to find diamonds for the soldiers and also had to hand over half of their pay to the soldiers. The miliia stole/took the poor people's food that they've grown and starvation and disease occured. Many women were violently raped during the war-as much as 20-50 a week as a cause of the war. The government could stop the mining of minerals, but then the kids would have no work and get no money and then they would become poor and starve and then die.
Table 6
Peter: Congo is a very dangerous place at the moment due to the many attacks but the Congo rangers keep the violence to a minimum. The population of the apes that live there is decreasing dramitcally because many are killed on a daily basis. Since there is so much fighting going on many innocent people are being hurt for no reason. At Congo there are many minerals and the people who find these minerals are majority of kids. The government say they do things but really its just to show that they are in control but really dont do anything for the people. I think that it isnt right because the military makes the people work and take all of what they make for themselves from the trade. All the resources made by the people go into the militarys hands.

Michaela: The congo is a very hazardous place to be. Especially with that type of environment and those type of soldiers! Using minerals as a trade is a very good idea, but taking it from the miners who rightfully dug them is beyond humane. That's treating them like slaves. As a government, they should know better than to treat their people like this. They could continue the mining for the jobs and the money, but they need to stop the soldiers from taking their digups and anything that they value, such as their women or their children!

Thomas: Congo right now is a very dangerous place. there is alot of violence ans the ape population is being destroyed because they are being killed more and more eveyday. Congo has terrible government, they take everything the citizens have and treat them like slaves. there are alot of minerals in congo that the miners mine to make profit but the government and soldiers are taking all of there findings.

Evan- The people of the Congo have to suffer through alot each and everday. Everday people are being killed and for the purpose of mining, young children shouldn't be exposed to behavior like this let alone to be working in those conditions.
All this is for the purpose of producing fancy new cell phones makes most of the world held accountable for what is happening in the Congo. Their president and government do nothing to help them so it has to be the rest of the world to make a diffrence.

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