Please fill out the information in the chart below. Summarize your article(s) with the focus on how humans and/or the environment are impacted by processes associated with your mineral. List the source at the end of your summary in a correct reference format.
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Bisie mining
Congo or the DRC
The mining of bisie destroys the habitat of the mouse mole. Once the homes of the mouse mole have been covered up by the dumping of the overburden on the surface of the Earth, the mouse moles have to move to another location to make their homes. Since the indigenous people in this area depend on the mouse mole for the majority of their dietary needs, the people near the mine are suffering. When an elder in one of the communities, near one of the larger bisie mines was interviewed, he stated that his people are going hungry. He said, "Pretty soon we will have to eat things like cow and goat, once the mouse mole has been driven from the area.” The elder remembers when the mouse mole was so plentiful that they would cover the ground for miles. “Where once they had mouse mole roundups, you can't even catch one in a mouse mole trap, baited with their favorite food (Chicago Style Pizza),” stated one member of the community. A push cart vendor complained that he has lost thousands of dollars in sales of the local favorite “mouse mole on a stick”. He said he can’t get enough mouse moles to even meet the needs of the morning rush hour. “Pretty soon I will have to sell hot dogs,” stated the vendor. Parsons, Lizzie, Amy Barry, and Annie Dunnebacke. "Bisie killings show minerals at heart of Congo conflict." Global witness. Global witness press, 18 Aug. 2009. Web. 28 Oct. 2009. <>.
Evan and Thomas
Talc has fibers that are similar to asbestos, which is known to cause cancer. Talc is found in a wide variety of products from home and garden pesticides to antacids. Talc particles have shown to cause tumors in ovaries and lungs of people who have gotten cancer. Talc miners show higher amounts of lung cancer and other respiratory illnesses from exposure to industrial talc that as silica and asbestos, which is really dangerous.Woman with cancer in the ovaries were found to have used talcum powder on there genital area then healthy women.
"Talcum Powder can cause cancer." Cancer Prevention Coalition. Web. 04 Nov. 2009.
Peter and Michaela
Hundreds residents were caught illegally mining diamonds at a site in Chhattisgarh around July. A six-member party panel found that hundreds of people had illegally mined diamonds at Pailikhandand this was known to go until July 18. The government set up new security. In 2000, the state government had deployed security men at the site and had banned people from visiting it without permission. Reference Citation(s)

Hundreds of people had been rushing every day to Pailikhand village since mid-July to illegally mine diamonds because there was no security anywhere near. People sneak into the confirmed diamond deposit site but was always denied entry by policemen guarding the banned site but later on the security on the site had all just gone. In the area security was withdrawn in July for want of accommodation and other facilities for policemen. Which left the diamond site unsecured and free access for everyone. People started to mine these diamonds and sell them illegally to other. Reference Citation(s)

Pedro And Beata
Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone is known to have some of the best diamonds but they have been causing disturbance in Sierra Leone. The diamonds symbolize violence,brutality and conflict.Ever since 19868 when Siaka Stevens became the prime minister, and realized how profitable these diamonds were,illegal diamond trading and mining began to happen-causing most trade in the following years to be illegal.Revolutionary United Front (RUF) began attacking Sierra Leone to "end crime and corruption" but they were actaully trying to get the diamond mines. With RUF contrtolling the mines, the conditions were very poor and miners were punished big time for small mistakes.These diamonds began being known as blood diamonds/conflict diamonds. In the 1990s, approximately $125 million worth of rough diamonds were bought by just Europe. The civil war began to get very bad and worse over time so the UN began to send help and set up a program In the 1990s, that "requires a paper trail that certifies the origin of rough diamonds." No matter what peopel still find a way to smuggle illegal diamonds into "clean" countries, but it has been getting better. Many retailers dont sell these diamonds and have certificates to prove so.
The environmental problems caused by the mass mining of diamonds in Sierra Leone can be very severe. Mining for diamonds destroys the land and kills off any vegitation that could have been growing in that area. When Miners dig for diamonds in the hills, they cause a lot of destruction to the hill and make it easier for it to erode away.The rivers can become contaminated from either mining for diamonds in the river or from material and debris from mining in areas near a river get inside it, These contaminants can make it very easy for the water to become bad to consume and they can make the chances of catching water based diseases such as malaria easier than usual. Reference Citation(s)
jessica & liliana
canada, BC(british columbia)

Jasmin and Jahde


Jackie and Ola

Ebbs and Monika
Monika- There is a constant human right abuse in Johannesburg. On Friday there were children forced to look for gems, over 200 people killed and any villagers who complained were harshly beaten by military. The minister of the Zimbabwe fields said that nothing like this occurred in the mining fields the military is there to secure the area. To find the truth more than 100 witnesses were interviewed. The New York based group found evidence of the mass graves and accounts of the incident. People fear the military and won’t come out with the truth and it keeps on creating a bigger problem in investigation. Reference Citation(s)

Diamonds have affected people in Johannesburg, South Africa because they cause brutal wars. Children are really affected because they are forced to work in mining. They can get hurt because they are so young they make dumb mistakes that could potentially cost them their lives. In Angola and Sierra Leone, conflict diamonds continue to fund the rebel groups, the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola and the Revolutionary United Front, both of which are acting in contravention of the international community's objectives of restoring peace in the two countries.
"Conflict Diamonds." United Nations Department of Public Information, UnitedNations,21 March 2001. Web. 4 Nov 2009. <>

Nikko kenny
Riverside county, California
Bloodstones are mined in numerous places across the world. In North America they are mined in California, Texas, Georgia, New York and Maine. Another name for bloodstones is Heliotrope. In our location Heliotropes are mined in California and have been mined there for a while now too. A bloodstone is a dark green/greenish-blue chalcedony with small red blood-like spots.
The iron minerals cause the deep red an brown colors in it. Bloodstone is darkgreen variety of the silica mineral. Polished sections of it show red spots on the dark green background. It resembles to drops of blood that derives its name. Its physical properties are of quartz. It was used to stop the bleeding especially nosebleeds. It is primarily found and mined in India, Australia, Germany, Scotland, Russia, Brazil, China, Czech Republic. Today it is often mined because it is used for mens or womens jewelry, or pendants. Incorrect Reference Citation(s)
Harshang Sheth and Camelia
Antarctica, where many mineral deposits such as coal, iron, copper, gold, uranium, and platinum for their specific uses. Iron is one of the most causing mineral mined in Antarctica. This mineral is mined because it is used in steel manufacturing, magnets, medicines and biomedical researches, plastics, cosmetics, dyes. Eventhough, mining is difficult in such remote areas and large-scale mining in Antarctica causes environmental damage. There are high transportation costs, and the icy climate makes work very difficult for the farmers. In 1991, the Antartica Treaty nations signed the Madrid Protocol to protect Antarctica from mining. Reference Citation(s)
Sarah and Erik
Although tin mining in the country of Bolivia is first and foremost mineral-wise, Gold is also a very important as well as controversial topic. Because of the mining of this gold there are some enviromental effects that affect the citizens. The mining has caused great soil erosion. Mining extraction pollutes freshwater through leaching. Because of this it threatens to make fertile soil a bit more scarce. Laws that deal with resource conservation have not been properly enforced. The erosion also harms farm and grazing lands. Incorrect Reference Citation(s)
Ghana is the second largest gold mining in Africa (next to South AFrica). Their government favour multinational companies, which dig out the nation’s wealth without paying enough compensation to the local people. Even with a lot of criticisms, foreign mining firms continue to exploit legal loopholes and abuse both human rights as well as the environment in Ghana. People lose their farm lands, lack of respect for due process by mining companies that have in the past led to serious human rights violations, and a very low pay that force people in Ghana lose access to food. No Reference Citation
The toxic waste from mine tailings flow into either an abandoned mining pit or adjacent forest in the case of land dredging and pollute the river in the case of river dredging. The people who are exposed to the toxic waste from the tailings suffer health problems. They may suffer from skin rashes, headaches, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. Some mining involves the unintentional dispersal of heavy metals, such as lead, into the atmosphere. This can have serious health effects such as mental retardation in children. Asbestos dispersed into the environment during asbestos mining is life threatening for local residents and workers.
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